Monday, September 7, 2015

A Portrait of My Summer Reading

I have no power in the face of a friend's 4 or 5-star review on Goodreads. None whatsoever. I immediately check to see if my library has the book so that I can add it to one of my lists. The ability to have several lists stored on my library's website is a gift from the Lord.

I discovered A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy courtesy of Lisa's  rating. I'd never read anything by Binchy.  This story was like curling up in a blanket with a cup of hot tea: warm and cozy. When I was finished, I immediately checked out another Binchy title, Heart and Soul, which I have promptly devoured. What I enjoy most is that her books are character, rather than plot, driven. Spending some time in one of her books before bed is a wonderfully relaxing way to end the day.


I go to the library to pick up a book I've had on hold. I can't resist strolling through the shelves. A book jacket catches my eye and my hand automatically reaches for it. I scan the inside flap, and all is lost. I bring it home.

The bright book jacket on The Hypnotist's Love Story by Liane Moriarty got me. I'd previously read Moriarty's What Alice Forgot, which I thought was cleverly written, so I was eager to see what her other works might be like. I wasn't disappointed. I could hardly put this one down during vacation. Moriarty also writes for characters, though the plots in both books have been well-developed written and interesting.

The "Customers Also Bought" feature on Amazon is a double-edged sword. Useful, because it's nice to find books that might suit my tastes. Harmful, because my reading list usually grows by two or three books every time.
And so I stumbled upon The Children Act by Ian McEwan, which appealed to me especially because of my legal background. McEwan's intensity and skill allow him to pack a powerful punch in a short read. It's a story that I won't easily forget.

(Please note that none of these titles are considered Christian and may contain language and/or situations certain readers might find offensive.)


  1. I was wondering if "A Week in Winter" is written by a Christian author? I couldn't really tell by the Amazon reviews!

    Love a good book! Thank you!

  2. Georgene,

    While I can't say if Maeve Binchy was a Christian (she is now deceased), the two books I've read aren't "Christian" but they are for the most part clean (occasional language).

  3. I love Binchy for her characters and overlapping stories. A favorite of mine was Evening Class.