Monday, July 1, 2013

Resources for Teens: On The Go Devotionals

Throughout the Fight Like a Girl Series, I cited various resources that parents of teens might find helpful as we navigate the waters of adolescence. In the coming weeks, I'd like to highlight some resources our teens might find helpful as well. While not all of these resources are written specifically for teens, they deal with many issues teens face.

Contentment. Purity. Trust. Joy. These are the four topics of Lydia Brownback's On the Go Devotional Series. While the series was written for women, the books are also suitable for teen girls. In fact, I believe they are a valuable resource for several reasons.

First, each book has a singular focus, which allows the reader to contemplate one topic for weeks at a time. Teen girls benefit from repetition, letting the concepts really soak in so that they can make useful application of that they've learned.
Second, the devotions are compact and powerful. Each day's reading averages 1 1/2 pages, drawn from a short Scripture verse or passage. In this case, good things do come in small packages! Brownback's to-the-point, don't-mince-words style is quick to pierce the heart.

Third, Brownback has a gift for exploring each topic from various, perhaps unexpected, angles. For example, Purity discusses a pure heart and its fruits (feminine purity, a pure body, sexual purity, and pure love). Even though a reader might spend 5 - 6 weeks in a book, she will not feel as if she's been hammered over the head with the same topic over and over again.
Finally, a girl could go through each of these books several times and still learn something new, depending on what's going on in her life. This makes the series ideal for women and girls alike.

Mothers, if you are looking for some conversation starters with your teen daughter, I highly recommend the On the Go Devotional series. Order a couple of copies of one of the books, and watch your relationship with your daughter - and both of your relationships with God - grow.

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  1. I have read Joy and Contentment in this series and they are great! I ditto your recommendation, and not just for teen girls :)