Monday, March 25, 2013

Fighting for Your Girl's Modesty: Part I

Note: This is part of the Fight Like a Girl Series. Other posts are found under the series tag.

...we have become desensitized to modesty as a culture. Modesty is seen as the rough equivalent of prudishness, and who wants to be a prude? Our culture is naked and brash and boastful and unashamed, and when you see enough skin and hear enough bragging, it all turns into white noise. In a culture of immodesty, immodesty becomes normal."
~R. W. Glenn and Tim Challies

Clothes shopping with my girl makes me cringe. Not so much because we battle over what she wants to wear (thank you, Lord). The bigger challenge is finding attire that is appropriate yet "cool". Teen clothing stores don't subscribe to the concept of modesty. Sadly, our culture doesn't demand it of them.

Open a teen magazine, walk down the beach, tune in to a prime time television show, or scroll through your girl's Facebook feed.  You will certainly find girls in garb that can scarcely be considered an outfit. They're posing for the camera, flaunting their bodies without the first thought of any potential repercussions.

If you have a tween or teen girl, you've most likely had discussions - maybe even heated arguments - about modest clothing. Perhaps you're frustrated with her response or her willingness to set aside modesty in order to be fashion-forward. Don't give up! Realize that, as with most sins, the outward manifestations (immodest clothing) are revealing a heart condition. Our girls are sinners living in a sinful world. It is our responsibility to instruct them in the truths of the Word and allow the Holy Spirit to work on their hearts.

This is not a subject that can be easily addressed in one blog post. For the next few times we meet, I'll be discussing different aspects of modesty and practical applications. In the meantime, it is imperative that we start by looking at our girls' hearts - and our own.

Keep Fighting:
~Start by reading Romans 12:1-2 with your girl. Discuss what ideas about clothing you may need to sacrifice in order to present yourselves to God. How can you make certain your clothing choices don't merely conform to this world, but honor God.
~Over the next two weeks, read the following Scriptures on your own, and then with your girl: Proverbs 31:25, Colossians 3:12, Ephesians 6:11, and  1 Peter 3:3-4. Discuss them in depth. Pray together for God's grace to make these things your "clothing".

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  1. I look forward to more on this series. I have two young girls (6 and 4) but I know these days are not far away - so I want to set the ground work NOW!! (which also means making sure MY heart is alinged properly!) I'm going to check out those scripture references!

    ps > I'm so thankful I found your blog! :) Blessings to all of you!