Monday, September 9, 2013

Resources for Teens: Housewife Theologian by Aimee Byrd

As part of the Fight Like a Girl series, I encouraged mothers to take an active role in the spiritual growth of their daughters. I admit, this is something I struggle with. I come up with a plan to be more involved in my girl's spiritual growth and we start out full of determination. Then, despite my best intentions, life interrupts us and my plan gets derailed. Discouraged, I back away until the Holy Spirit convicts me - again - that my time with my girl at home is growing short.

This is one of many reasons I'm thrilled that Aimee Byrd has penned
Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary. While the title may cause you to think the book is for adults only, Aimee's message applies to women of ALL ages and stages in life. She is passionate about women learning the Word of God and developing a good theology.

"In this information age in which we live, many women find the conveniences of technology cutting us off from meaningful, mentoring relationships that shepherd us in our unique role." (p. 15) While this is certainly true outside the home, I believe it is especially true in our homes. How many of us are content to let our daughters immerse themselves in their cell phones listening to music we can't hear, having "conversations" we can't hear, and completely tuning us out? Have we allowed technology to dictate the way we parent? Housewife Theologian offers a wonderful opportunity for us to reclaim the mother-daughter relationship.

Aimee writes about biblical womanhood, the Sabbath, carrying the Gospel with us in our daily lives, and hospitality - topics that are vitally important to our girls' spiritual growth. Each chapter includes journaling questions that make the book a powerful tool we can use to disciple our daughters. I've been practically giddy reading the questions and thinking of the discussions they might spark.

The 12-chapter format makes the book perfect for a year of mentoring your girl without being overwhelming to either of you. Each chapter could be a springboard for a month-long discussion of that particular topic. Imagine how much stronger your relationship with your girl might be if you had one year of digging into God's Word together.

Three of you will have the opportunity to do just that, courtesy of P&R Publishing! If you live in the United States or Canada, enter the drawing below. Three winners will be announced on September 16th (along with the winner of our anniversary giveaway).

To learn more about Aimee's vision for Housewife Theologian, watch the book trailer. You can also visit her blog by the same name.

Thanks to P&R Publishers for providing me - and three of you! - with a copy of this book.

*This giveaway is now closed. *

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