Friday, April 1, 2016

Test Yourself : Justification

Here's a short multiple choice quiz on the doctrine of justification that I put together a few years ago. 
For each question, choose the one option that is most correct. The correct answers correspond with the historic reformed protestant position. There's a link to the answer key at the end.
1. Justification is
  • a. an act of God’s grace.
  • b. a legal or judicial act of God.
  • c. a progressive work of the Spirit.
  • da and b.
  • e. all of the above.
2. Justification includes
  • a. the forgiveness of our sin. 
  • b. the imputation of Christ’s righteousness to us.
  • c. the declaration that we are righteous in God’s sight.
  • da and c.
  • e. all of the above.
3. Justification changes
  • a. our moral condition
  • b. our natures. 
  • c. our legal status.
  • db and c above.
  • e. none of the above.
4. The grounds for our justification is/are
  • a. The good works produced by the Spirit within us.
  • b. Our faith.
  • c. Christ’s righteous life and obedient death.
  • db and c
  • e. all of the above.
5. We are justified when we
  • a. believe.
  • b. are baptised.
  • c. produce a certain level of good works. 
  • d. a and b.
  • e. none of the above.
6. Which of the statements below describe faith’s role in our justification?
  • a. It produces the good works that are the basis for our justification.
  • b. It receives Christ’s full satisfaction of the penalty for our sin and his perfect fulfillment of God’s law on our behalf.
  • c. It is accepted by God as a form of righteousness upon which we can be justified.
  • da and c.
  • e. none of the above.

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