Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trust on the go

Recently, I picked up an excellent little book by Lydia Brownback. It's one of the books in her On-the-Go-Devotionals. The title caught my eye immediately: Trust: A Godly Woman's Adornment.

Through fifty short devotionals, Brownback opens up what it means to trust God. It's a crucial subject, because if we don't trust God, in whom do we trust? Sometimes, we may think we trust God, but when push comes to shove, we realize we are doing nothing of the sort. Closely associated with the topic of trust is worry and anxiety. If we have a lot of those things, it is pointing to the fact that we are not trusting God, and that's a point Brownback comes back to often.

Some of the many themes which Brownback discusses are:
  • God is in control
  • God's ways are better than our ways
  • Trust demands humility
  • Trust means letting go of our idols
  • Feelings are not an accurate barometer of God's love for us
  • Trust involves resisting the devil
  • Worry and anxiety always involve a lack of trust that God is good
  • A lack of trust can harden our hearts and make us blind to God's goodness
That last principle really hit home to me, and I liked what Brownback had to say. She opens by talking about how our hearts can be hardened to sin when we indulge in it. The same happens when we allow anxiety to control us:
The same callousness happens when we continue to indulge in anxiety, which always springs from the belief that God isn't able to care for us properly or that what he provides isn't enough for us. Such a belief is really unbelief, and the longer we live in it, the harder our hearts become to the truth of God's goodness, kindness, love, and desire to abundantly provide
What does it mean to indulge in anxiety? It means we roll over and over in our minds the burdens of our heart. It means letting them sit in the forefront of our thinking day in and day out, chewing over them. When we indulge in that, there is no room left for remembering God is good. I'm not saying I have that nasty habit all figured out, but hearing it presented in that way, that it may harden my heart, really got me thinking.

The series title, "On-the-Go-Devotionals" is very appropriate. These books are small enough to fit into a purse that isn't the size of a suitcase, and each entry is short enough to read while waiting in the carpool line, the doctor's office, or even in the check-out aisle. They are encouraging, thought-provoking, and challenging. Brownback has a lot of wisdom, and she speaks in a warm, encouraging tone, as a friend would. The truths are simple, but important.

There will always be something that challenges our trust in God. As long as we reside in bodies of flesh and blood, we are prone to trust in ourselves rather than God. This book is a challenge for anyone who really wants to get at the heart of whom they trust.

This book in the series has me hoping to pick up the other ones in the series. I'm sure they'll be just as encouraging.

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  1. Thanks for the review Kim. This looks like a great book!