Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday

We here at Out of the Ordinary want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving today! No doubt most of you won't even be reading this post, but will be celebrating with your families. If you do have somewhere to eat, and people to share your meal, be thankful. Some people do not have that and won't spend their day surrounded by turkey and loved ones.

Is there any better time to be thankful than on a day when we gather with family and friends and share a good meal? If any of you are Pinterest users, you may have seen the recent influx of recipes geared toward holiday meals. From now until December 25th, we will be inundated with baking ideas and pictures of lavishly set tables featuring all kinds of meals, from the traditional golden turkey to something a little different. One of the boards I follow on Pinterest had all sorts of ideas for vegetarian options for the season.

We here in North America, for the most part are very fortunate when it comes to food. There have been some years, when I have looked on the holiday table where I am eating and been very aware that the leftovers scraped from the plates would actually feed a family in some developing country somewhere. I am very thankful for the food we eat. I am thankful for fresh vegetables and fruits in the off season, and for local butchers and dairy providers. I am thankful for local food banks, who work to provide for those who struggle financially. I'm thankful for my local church, who participates in food drives for the food bank during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am thankful that when my children were young, I did not have to wonder where their next meal was coming from. I am thankful for organizations such as Compassion, which provides ways to share with those in other countries.

I recently was given a perspective about food that was a good reminder. My husband and I are friends with a couple who are missionaries in Papua New Guinea. They have only been there since July, and it has been interesting to watch how they have adapted. The husband wrote an update recently where he reflected on what he called the "tropical diet," and how he had lost almost twenty pounds. One of the reasons, aside from the number of tropical viruses which can befall one, he mentioned the cost of food. He's simply not eating as he would at home in North America. What we take for granted as a meal is likely not the norm everywhere.

I am thankful for the fact that despite our occasional grumbling, food prices here in North America are cheaper compared to other places. I'm thankful that God gave us a world where we can produce good things to eat. Today, when you sit down to eat your meal, whatever it is, be thankful for God's provision of food.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends at OOTO. I'm also thankful for God's common grace today - I'm thankful that He sends forth the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike- because He is good all the time.