Friday, December 14, 2018

Five Star Links

Each Friday, we share links we found especially interesting or inspiring during the previous week. 


William Varner talks about some similarities between the Proverbs 31 woman and Ruth, in his post "Ruth and the Proverbs 31 Woman."
The eshet hayil in Prov 31:10 has led translators in many directions, from the “virtuous woman” (KJV) to the “excellent wife (NASB) to the “wife of noble character” (NIV). And occasionally you will even read about a “woman of valor.” Why the diversity?


There's been a recent crackdown in China against churches. In anticipation of a possible arrest, Pastor Wang Xi penned this letter. He was arrested on Sunday. You can read the rest of it here:
My Declaration of Faithful Disobedience
If I am imprisoned for a long or short period of time, if I can help reduce the authorities’ fear of my faith and of my Savior, I am very joyfully willing to help them in this way. But I know that only when I renounce all the wickedness of this persecution against the church and use peaceful means to disobey, will I truly be able to help the souls of the authorities and law enforcement. I hope God uses me, by means of first losing my personal freedom, to tell those who have deprived me of my personal freedom that there is an authority higher than their authority, and that there is a freedom that they cannot restrain, a freedom that fills the church of the crucified and risen Jesus Christ.


Jesus was God and he was also human—and this isn't just an incidental detail. Your salvation depends on his true humanity and true deity.


Michael Kruger offers seven lessons for engaging with the secular (liberal) academy. Based on Oden's "journey that eventually resulted in a 180 degree turn away from liberalism and towards historic, traditional Christianity," Kruger shares some invaluable advice.

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