Friday, November 30, 2018

Five Star Links

Each Friday, we share links we found especially interesting or inspiring during the previous week. 


Mike Leake echoes much of what I've been learning in Greek Exegesis this semester. Originally, the Greek New Testament was written not only without punctuation, but in all upper case letters without spaces. The extras were added later. He wisely counsels us not to build a theology on the placement of a comma.

"One Part of Your Bible Which Isn't Inspired."


In contrast to the endless debate about career versus home, I appreciate Pastor Sam Powell's post. He takes the discussion out of the realm of pitting one circumstance against the other and brings us back to Who gives us purpose and significance in our very different situations.
Ecclesiastes spells it out perfectly. Under the sun, all is vanity. Married, career, pleasure, mirth, wisdom, foolishness…
There is no life there, for the ground is cursed. The relationships are cursed. Bearing children is cursed. Unless God does something to restore Eden, what does it matter if you have 10 children or die childless?
But God has done something. He sent his Son, the perfect image-bearer of the God, so that in him we DO have purpose, meaning, significance.


My week has been a busy one, so I've done less online reading than I usually do. I did listen to a couple of sermons/lectures as I cleaned house and prepared food. I especially enjoyed this lecture by James Anderson on Scripture's self-attestation.

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