Friday, July 13, 2018

Five Star Links

Each Friday, we share links we found especially interesting or inspiring during the previous week. 


Helpful thoughts from the article "I'd Like to Have an Argument, Please."
Many pundits have rued the widespread lack of courtesy on social media. Here, then, is a fundamental mode of courtesy that could revolutionize our participation in, and experience of, social media: Resist the impulse to just sound off and make an argument or offer an alternative. 
Take the time to give your readers a gift: some novel information, another interpretation of the facts, or a new framework in which to see the issue


This is a moving post about the aftermath of abuse - But He Promised 
Sometimes when I’m trying to pray, I ask the same question.
What if you stop loving me?
It feels childish and ridiculous. But I have to know. Everything hinges on the hope, the truth of Christ’s love now. It’s all I have. Having it, I need it, desperately.

"The doctrine of God’s sovereign love—and the fact that nothing is outside his control—will help keep me going through whatever lies ahead"—Christopher Catherwood in How Reformed Theology Helps Deal With Death.

And one more—a time-lapse video of a glacier in Greenland calving an iceberg half the size of Manhattan. (This happened last week.)

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